200 fill Moakley Park for Martin Richard Memorial mile run

This was his first race. Ben Chisholm, a four-year-old blond from Wayland, was well behind the other runners, but he was focused on the track, spinning the colorful tropical wheels of his wheelchair and biting his bottom lip. Occasionally, his dad, who was running to his left, grabbed his son’s hand and pulled him forward, giving Ben a boost. 

After finishing the lap to loud cheers, Ben, who has acute flaccid myelitis, told his parents that he wanted to go again. “You caught the running bug,” said his mom Becky. “What’s a running bug?” asked Ben.

“There is nothing to compare to the experience”

Sinisa Ubiparipovic, who grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts is not your average millennial. First of all, he tries to visit his mom every week. He’s outgoing, likes to joke and enjoys traveling like many young men of his generation. Unlike most 29-year-olds, he’s pledged his life to Christ.

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