“Russians” in Boston

Here in the US people call us Russians. They see no difference in our nationalities as long as you can speak Russian and come from that side of the world. To some extent it makes sense. No matter how strong are your feelings to your home country and what is your attitude to the Big brother Russia, Russian language and common Soviet past give us something in common, help communicate, find support sometimes and share nostalgic memories about home.

These images represent a documentary body of work that was created in an attempt to discover and research the Russian speaking community in Boston and maybe find my place in it. I have been seeking every opportunity to meet Russian speaking people in the area, find out where they come from, how they live in the USA, and how they communicate with each other. Is there a community? Where do they meet? What are their stories? Do they welcome newcomers? Do they preserve traditions? How did they change since they had come here? These are the questions that are driving my interest and find their way in my photographs.

All images © 2012-2020 Alena Kuzub. Please, contact me in case you would like to use any photograph