Downtown Geometry

The Flow, 2013
26 1/2*32 3/4 inches, gelatin silver prints

Back alley abstruction, 2013
25.8x13 inch, gelatin silver prints
Cubism, 2013
22 1/2*30 inches, gelatin silver prints
Three angles, 2013
8*10 inch gelatin silver print
UFO, 2013
Gelatin silver prints


Roundness, 2013
26 3/4*34 1/2 inches, gelatin silver prints
Castle, 2013
17 1/8*26 inches, gelatin silver prints
Skies, 2013
Gelatin silver prints
City well, 2013
18 ¼*30 ¼ inches, gelatin silver prints
Bars, 2013
Gelatin silver prints
Starfish, 2013
Gelatin silver prints
Comparison, 2013
45*15 ½ inches, gelatin silver prints
Panopticon gallery (Boston, MA), May 2013
Panopticon gallery (Boston, MA), January 2014

Downtown Geometry

Before diving completely into photography I worked for four years in finance. That is why going to the financial district was like going to a familiar place to me. I was attracted by the atmosphere of downtown. Eventually, I started to pay attention to buildings and their interiors. I appreciate buildings as someone else’s creations but also I started to see more than just a sky scrapper, a wall, a roof, a decoration element or scenes from everyday downtown life. I started to watch buildings as I watched people. Buildings own downtown on weekends, they live there and interact and I am looking for this interaction, for relationships between buildings, buildings and sky. In my photographs, you can find them in the form of overlappings, combinations of lines and shapes, the interaction of spaces. I started to abstract architecture and create my own shapes. It became a game to me to find these beautiful abstract scenes, to utilize this fascinating geometry and scale and create my own art and my own architecture, which happens actually afterward in the darkroom.

With these dimensional collages, I offer viewers to get lost in Downtown and throw their heads back.

All images © 2012-2020 Alena Kuzub. Please, contact me in case you would like to use any photograph